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Barry Grzebik Director of Engineering

Review Article, Premier Guitar Magazine, October 2009

“I was treated to the aural equivalent of melted dark chocolate – rich, dark, smooth and irresistible.  Sounded exactly like my guitar only bigger and louder, every detail of it.”

“If you are a multi-instrumentalist, you could use this amp for pretty much every instrument you play, including keys and fiddle.  Singers will have no complaints about the vocals either – let me assure you, the headroom can take it from a whisper to a scream.”

Gayla Drake Paul, Editor, Premier Guitar

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Premier Guitar Review

Gayla also did a video review that is on YouTube. Watch Video

Review Article, Guitar Player Magazine, April 2009

“Delivers a big sound with plenty of bass and a crisp top end.  And with wattage to spare, there’s little feeling of compression when you hit the strings hard.”

Art Thompson, Senior Editor, Guitar Player
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Review Article, 20th Century Guitar Magazine, April 2008

“The clearest sound ever heard on an acoustic guitar amplifier”
“The most musical sound of any acoustic guitar amplifier”

Frank Malitz, Gigologist, 20th Century Guitar

Read about the SanGreal in 20th Century Guitar Magazine

UltraSound Rehearsal Studios, New York

Ultra Sound StudiosUltraSound’s 20-plus rehearsal studios located in the heart of New York city feature the very best equipment available on up to C. Bechstein pianos. We are honored that UltraSound has chosen the SanGreal as the acoustic instrument amplifier for their rehearsal studios.

“The SanGreal amplifier will give you the finest sound money can buy for acoustic instruments including the superb warmth and harmonic detail of built-in optional tube preamps.”

“I have the best sound systems in my studios that money can buy.  That said, the SanGreal amplifer has better sound quality and tonal harmonic reproduction of acoustical instruments than even my $80,000 sound system!”

Gene Simigaliano, Owner, Ultra Sound, New York, NY

UltraSound’s High-End Amplifiers Sales Division is a Dealer for the SanGreal Instrument Amplifier.
TEL 212-714-1079 | www.ultrasoundrehearsal.com

Steve Gibson, Music Director, Grand Ole Opry, Nashville, TN

“We very much appreciate the opportunity for evaluation and demonstration of the SanGreal amplifier here at the Opry.  It has performed quite well.  The amplifier is being used on a regular basis providing ample time to utilize it to its fullest.  It is a great product.”

Artists Testimonials

“Your amp sounded incredible at the gig, which was at Centanni. Lots of guitar players come by that place, and reviews were uniformly positive. Comments like, “it filled the room …. sounds like a mic rather than a pickup… tremendous power and range.” There is a django-style French player in town and he sat in and just loved it.

I tried it through the PA as well and that worked perfectly, too.
You’ve really got something new and different.”

John Zweig
Maplewood, NJ

“Just to say that I have been out playing with the amp and it is superb.  What else can I say but simply the best amp I have ever used.  I know your amp is designed for use on electro-pickup style instruments, but you know my Telecaster sounds better than anything I have ever heard.  You have a winner here.”

Richard Barrett
St.Issey, Wadebridge, Cornwall, England

Other Comments Often Heard are:

“The clearest sound ever heard on an acoustic guitar amplifier”

“The most musical sound of any acoustic guitar amplifier”

“Incredible clarity and dynamic range”

“Surprisingly compact and light weight for such a powerful amplifier”

“Versatile operational features”

“Superior construction and cosmetic design”

“The best overall performance and functionality”

“It makes all my other acoustic guitar amplifiers obsolete”