The SanGreal Supports Vegas Unplugged Music Festival 2014

“The Sangreal, the instrument amplifier renowned for True Sound”, is providing amplification support for Vegas Unplugged Music Festival, 2014.

Mundo Juillerat and Stuart Carter-Smith are proud to present: Vegas Unplugged Music Festival happening on Saturday, August 23rd in downtown Las Vegas! We are excited to announce that Vegas Unplugged has partnered with the City of Las Vegas and this year’s event will be at the beautiful Historic Fifth Street School! (401 S. Fourth St.,Las Vegas, NV)

Vegas Unplugged is a community driven festival and a community give back festival as well. This year we will be benefiting Opportunity Village’s “Fine and Entertainment Arts” program! We will also showcase and provide awareness to this program by having Opportunity Villages’ “Roaring Thunder” band perform in Vegas Unplugged!

For more information on the Music Festival and where to buy tickets, visit the Vegas Unplugged Music Festival page.