Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the SanGreal different from other amplifiers??

Acoustic excellence is achieved by combining a neodymium powered ribbon driver with an advanced low frequency driver along with state-of-the-art preamplifier, control, effects and power amplifier electronics. The result is true reproduction of the highest to lowest notes of acoustic and electric instruments such as guitars, mandolins, harmonicas, accordions, harps, violins, pianos, keyboards and many others. An optional vacuum tube preamplifier provides the classic warm tonality that many performers find desirable. A unique acoustic cabinet design and operational features provide optimal functionality and flexibility.

Can the SanGreal be used with electric instruments?

The SanGreal is designed to reproduce the true sound of virtually all acoustic and electric instruments.  For example, the undistorted true sound of a Telecaster electric guitar is reproduced brilliantly through the SanGreal.

How many inputs does each SanGreal have?

The SanGreal has five inputs comprised of two instrument inputs, a microphone input, a line level input and a Monitor input.  As a special feature, the two effect return jacks can be used as auxiliary inputs for use with CD/MPEG players and rhythm/metronome devices.

The Monitor Input has a balanced XLR connector and level control that allows the amplifier to be used as a floor monitor on small to medium size stages.  This gives the performer total control over the balance between his instrument’s sound and the monitor mix of the rest of the band.

How many watts of output does the SanGreal produce?

The SanGreal has total of 400 watts of power utilizing two 200 watt power amplifiers in a bi-amplifier configuration utilizing an active frequency cross-over network.