Hot Club of Las Vegas “Summer Score” Release Party at The Palms Casino Resort.

We are excited to announce that the Hot Club of Las Vegas “Summer Score” Release Party will be at “The Lounge at The Palms Casino Resort”. The Party will be on Thursday, June 7th, 2012 at 10pm

We all have our favorite styles of music and here in Las Vegas, Entertainment Capital of the world, we get to enjoy those various types.

However, one type in particular is more than fascinating. In fact….… It’s explosive. Known as Gypsy Jazz, this phenomenal style of music brings out a foundation of musical character, innovation, history and just plain moves you.

These smooth grove sounds originating from the ever talented and pioneering innovator of Gypsy Jazz, Django Reinhardt, are immeasurably presented and delivered by the talents of Hot Club of Las Vegas.

Hot Club of Las Vegas is a Gypsy Jazz band that performs the music of Django Reinhardt, Bireli Lagrene, The Rosenberg Trio, and other Gypsy Djazz music past and present including, Gypsy Jazz Bolero, and Flamenco Rhumba songs.

Hot Club of Las Vegas debut self titled album, was no doubt a ground breaking project that brought much attention to Gypsy Jazz here in Las Vegas and what many cities around the world already experience.

And now, with much anticipation and eagerness, Hot Club of Las Vegas has released their second project titled “Summer Score” on May 1st, 2012.

With Seven of the sixteen tracks are originals, “Summer Score” continues to push the envelope; delivering a new progressive modern sound that embraces both vintage and new recording technologies! Always spring-boarding off the spirit of Django Reinhardt; “Summer Score,” will deliver and bring a new melodic pop and world beat energy, to the HCLV’s “Vegas Style” gypsy jazz sound. In turn will most assuredly draw a new genre of followers while satisfying their current fans.

Truly a “Vegas Supergroup” the Hot Club of Las Vegas is Led by Mundo Juillerat on lead guitar, Noybel Gorgoy on lead vocal, Chris Davis on Contrabass, Gabriel Falcon on Cajon, and Marlow Valentin on Rhythm Guitar. “Summer Score” produced by Mundo Juillerat and engineered by Mark Matson/Beatfarm Digital was recorded almost entirely at Ka Hale Studio. With “Summer Score’s” apparent virtuosity, the Hot Club LV will in fact continue to change the landscape of Vegas’ musical culture and lend our ears to this fascinating genre of music called Gypsy Jazz!

To learn more about Hot Club of Las Vegas and their new release “Summer Score” CD, you can visit for more information.


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