SanGreal Gold Photo, November 2013

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SanGreal Gold Photo, November 2013

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As we know, the new  SanGreal TM  Gold Instrument Amplifier has been causing a stir due to the Amp's ability to accurately reproduce the sound of the finest guitars.   Example, the McPherson Guitars exhibit at the NAMM in January. Recently, we have received reports on the Amp's ability to produce high stage sound levels without acoustic feedback issues.  Al Ek, a well-known musician in Las Vegas, has found that he is able to play mandolins, dobros, and other instruments with groups on-stage … [Read more...]

Paco De Lucia, World Renowned Flamenco Guitarist passes on at 66

Born Francisco Sanchez Gomez, the Spanish guitarist better known as Paco de Lucia, who crossed over into jazz and classical music to take his flamenco style to a global audience, died today after suffering a heart attack on a beach in Cancun, Mexico. Francisco Sanchez Gomez was born on Dec. 21, 1947, Francisco adopted his stage name in honor of his Portuguese mother, Lucia Gomez, according to Verve Music. After recording his first album, “Los Chiquitos de Algeciras” with his brother Pepe in … [Read more...]

Larry Wysocki, Builder of Fine Guitars, Chooses the SanGreal Gold instrument Amplifier

MATTRIXX-N is pleased to announce that Larry Wysocki, a well-known Luthier in Los Angeles has recently purchased a SanGreal Gold Instrument Amplifier. Larry, who is also an accomplished guitar player, is using the Gold amp for demonstrating his fine guitars and as his amplifier of choice for clean playing. Larry has been building extraordinary guitars for close to thirty years for artists such as Jon Herington and others. Larry also locates and distributes rare wood stock to other guitar … [Read more...]