The NUMUBU exhibit at the WINTER NAMM featured the Nashville guitarist Bobby Cochran playing guitar.  Throughout the Show Bobby's playing was incredible and sounded great through the  SanGreal TM Gold Instrument Amplifier. NUMUBU is the music industry's social & business network to find gigs, contracts, jobs, collaborators, tools, networking & more.  Learn more at their website   … [Read more...]


McPherson Guitars

The McPherson Guitars company in January demonstrated some of their fine guitars playing through the SanGreal TM Gold Instrument Amplifier. Their guitars looked great and sounded wonderful on the Gold Amp. We regard their choice of the Gold amplifier as an honor since McPherson is considered by many as the "Rolls Royce" of guitar builders in the USA and beyond.   … [Read more...]

Blues Schoolhouse, House of Blues, Las Vegas, Uses SanGreal Gold Amplifier

Mattrixx-N has recently participated in a Musical Presentation by the Blues Schoolhouse program sponsored by the International House of Blues Foundation. The event was held at the House of Blues at the Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas on December 2, 3 & 4.  The Blues Schoolhouse program hosts presentations to 5th to 12th grade students and their teachers where they learn about American culture and history through an exploration of blues music, blues inspired music and related folk art. The … [Read more...] in Connecticut Joins the SanGreal Dealer Network

One of the finest guitar shops in the US is now a dealer for SanGreal TM amplifiers. has been a source of boutique, new and used stringed instruments for close to 20 years; with an emphasis on hand-built acoustic guitars, mandolins and banjos.  For a really special experience, visit their pictorial Vintage Instrument Museum on their website.  They are also known as a source for instrument amplifiers and are familiar with all the popular makes in the marketplace; as such, … [Read more...]

Larry Wysocki, Builder of Fine Guitars, Chooses the SanGreal Gold instrument Amplifier

MATTRIXX-N is pleased to announce that Larry Wysocki, a well-known Luthier in Los Angeles has recently purchased a SanGreal Gold Instrument Amplifier. Larry, who is also an accomplished guitar player, is using the Gold amp for demonstrating his fine guitars and as his amplifier of choice for clean playing. Larry has been building extraordinary guitars for close to thirty years for artists such as Jon Herington and others. Larry also locates and distributes rare wood stock to other guitar … [Read more...]

Front of House Magazine Announces release of SanGreal TM Gold Series Instrument Amplifier

FOH Logo

We are pleased that Front of House Magazine, the sound professional’s source for the latest news, products, and industry events has announced that MATTRIXX-N has introduced the SanGrealTM Gold Series Instrument Amplifiers.  In celebration of our new amplifier for the Holiday Season we offer introductory retail pricing at a 30 % deduction from our list prices. IMC-1Gold          $2,095   Instrument Amplifier IMC-1Gold-1T    $2,495   Instrument Amplifier with Tube Preamplifier … [Read more...]

Hot Club of Las Vegas “Summer Score” Release Party at The Palms Casino Resort.


We are excited to announce that the Hot Club of Las Vegas "Summer Score" Release Party will be at "The Lounge at The Palms Casino Resort". The Party will be on Thursday, June 7th, 2012 at 10pm We all have our favorite styles of music and here in Las Vegas, Entertainment Capital of the world, we get to enjoy those various types. However, one type in particular is more than fascinating. In fact….… It's explosive. Known as Gypsy Jazz, this phenomenal style of music brings out a foundation of … [Read more...]

Not Just for Guitar!


The SanGreal amplifier was initially conceived to be for use with fine acoustic guitars.  As time went by the SanGreal has proven high performance for both acoustic and electric instruments including guitars, mandolins, banjos, harmonicas, violins, pianos and keyboards.  If true sound is your passion the SanGreal delivers. … [Read more...]

Great for Jazz!


Nylon string guitar players agree, the SanGreal and nylon strings are the perfect match.  The high accuracy and and exceptional dynamic range deliver articulation and sparkle to your sound. … [Read more...]