ULTRA SOUND REHEARSAL STUDIOS, New York City, has recently added a SanGreal TM Gold Instrument Amplifier to their impressive line of Hi-End Amplifiers. Considered to be the premier rehearsal studios in NYC, they cater to many well-known artists preparing for tours and shows in NYC.  Gene Sinigalliano, Owner, states that until the SanGreal TM Amplifiers, they could not find an acoustic Amp good enough to include in their line-up of Amps.  Ultra Sound is also a dealer in Hi-End/Boutique Amps. … [Read more...]


McPherson Guitars

The McPherson Guitars company in January demonstrated some of their fine guitars playing through the SanGreal TM Gold Instrument Amplifier. Their guitars looked great and sounded wonderful on the Gold Amp. We regard their choice of the Gold amplifier as an honor since McPherson is considered by many as the "Rolls Royce" of guitar builders in the USA and beyond.   www.mcphersonguitars.com   … [Read more...]


McPherson Guitars

Following another successful WINTER NAMM show, the McPherson Guitars company has chosen the SanGreal TM Instrument Amplifier for demonstrations of their extraordinary instruments.  We are pleased to have them using the Gold Amplifier in their Facility Showroom.  Many consider their guitars to be among the finest, worldwide.  For information on their fine guitars, please look-up their website.    www.mcphersonguitars.com       … [Read more...]

Blues Schoolhouse, House of Blues, Las Vegas, Uses SanGreal Gold Amplifier

Mattrixx-N has recently participated in a Musical Presentation by the Blues Schoolhouse program sponsored by the International House of Blues Foundation. The event was held at the House of Blues at the Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas on December 2, 3 & 4.  The Blues Schoolhouse program hosts presentations to 5th to 12th grade students and their teachers where they learn about American culture and history through an exploration of blues music, blues inspired music and related folk art. The … [Read more...]

Vegas unplugged


  The Hot Club of Las Vegas  played at the Vegas Unplugged Music Festival!! at the Artifice, downtown Las Vegas, on Oct 24.  The lineup once again featured the  Gypsyfire quartet  from the UK!!!!   … [Read more...]

Django Vegas is Here!!!

Django Vegas

Presented by the city of Las Vegas, the Saturday event will celebrate the music of Django Reinhardt and other gypsy jazz musicians past and present. The Gonzalo Bergara Quartet, Fishtank Ensemble and Hot Club of Las Vegas will perform. Pre-concert cocktails and entertainment by the G-String Band will begin at 5 p.m. in the courtyard, located at 401 S. Fourth St. Beverages and food will be available for purchase. The performance will begin at 6 p.m. … [Read more...]

Hot Club of Las Vegas “Summer Score” Release Party at The Palms Casino Resort.


We are excited to announce that the Hot Club of Las Vegas "Summer Score" Release Party will be at "The Lounge at The Palms Casino Resort". The Party will be on Thursday, June 7th, 2012 at 10pm We all have our favorite styles of music and here in Las Vegas, Entertainment Capital of the world, we get to enjoy those various types. However, one type in particular is more than fascinating. In fact….… It's explosive. Known as Gypsy Jazz, this phenomenal style of music brings out a foundation of … [Read more...]

Stephanie Sanchez, Winner of Competition at Vegas Unplugged Music Festival

Stephanie Sanchez 150X150

It is hard to believe that is was just over two weeks ago the Vegas Unplugged held its first Music Festival. I still don’t think the dust has settled yet because the event was outstanding, the talent never ending and Las Vegas is still talking about it. We are pleased to announce that MATTRIXX-N participated in the recent Vegas Unplugged Music Festival held in the downtown area adjacent to the Downtown Cocktail Room.  The event was co-sponsored by Mundo Juillerat, lead guitar player and … [Read more...]

Vegas Unplugged Festival

Vegas Unplugged Festival 2

This is a fully interactive 2 day festival on October 22, 2011, not just a concert labelled as one.It has all the feeling and personality of what you would expect from an event team that have spent their lives holding some of the most established festivals in Europe. Hot Club of Las Vegas will be performing an acoustic set featuring the SanGreal Gold series amplifier. Further information about this event, how to participate or purchase tickets, contact us at events@mattrixx-n.com … [Read more...]

Hot Club of Las Vegas at Opportunity Village

Ovino2011 150X150

The Hot Club of Las Vegas is proud to be playing from 3-5 pm, this Saturday, October 1st, for Opportunity Village's charity event O-Vino! At Mattrixx-N we are proud to support Hot Club of Las Vegas at this charity event and look forward to a great time. if you would like more information about this event, please contact us at events@mattrixx-n.com   … [Read more...]