MATTRIXX-N is a company composed of professionals in the audio and music industry.  All together, over 100 years of experience is represented. In 1999, Gene Juall, founder of MATTRIXX-N began research on Planar (Ribbon) Driver technology for application in professional audio applications.

Gene continued his research and consulted with Lloyd Kinkade in his evaluation of Ribbon drivers.  In 2005, Gene collaborated with Barry Grzebik on the application of planar driver technology in a musical instrument amplifier and a prototype was developed.

In January 2006 MATTRIXX-N was incorporated in the State of Nevada and a patent was applied for. A prototype was evaluated and tested by Gene, Barry, Lloyd, Tom Parnell, Tom Levno and George Kindler who passed away in 2007 and is dearly missed.

Due to the positive reaction on the high performance of the prototype, throughout 2006 and into 2007, MATTRIXX-N proceeded to develop additional prototypes and, subsequently, pre-production models and the amplifier was named the SanGreal TM.

In the second half of 2007, production was started and the first SanGreal TM instrument amplifiers were completed in the Fall of 2007.   In June 2008 the SanGreal TM instrument amplifier was introduced at the Summer NAMM Show in Nashville, TN.

Based on auditions, reviews, testimonials and satisfied owners, it is clear that the SanGreal TM instrument amplifier offers a unprecedented  high level of performance in the industry.


Gene Juall
President / CEO

Gene has professional experience in excess of 40 years in electronic design, manufacturing, sales and marketing for audio products.   He has worked for a number of well-known companies such as Panasonic, RCA and Bogen.  He holds BS and MS degrees in Physics.  Gene has loved music from his early childhood and designed and built audio equipment starting in his high school days.  His other interests have included family activities, running, surfing, tennis, physical fitness and is a beginning acoustic guitar player.


Art Vivas

Art Vivas has over 20 years of business experience domestic and international. He has directed and assisted in some of the world’s finest construction projects and live productions. Leading business in the hospitality, gaming, construction, media and entertainment markets, Art Vivas brings an extensive amount of business knowledge in executive management, sales and marketing, project management and operations.

Art enjoys serving as a board member on several foundations, philanthropy opportunities and spending time with his family.


Barry Grzebik
Director of Engineering

Barry has over twenty years experience in professional audio design and engineering.  He has worked for companies such as Apogee International and is a Principal of Grzebik Design Group, an acoustics consulting company.  Barry spends his free time with his family, as a pilot and plays acoustic guitar.


Justin Acklin
Director of Operations

Justin has worked in sales, design and operations management in audio-video, architectural and fabrication companies.  Justin spends his free time with his family and plays acoustic guitar.


Lloyd Kinkade

Lloyd is a veteran-touring engineer with over 30 years experience working with musicians and sound reinforcement systems. He is an acoustic guitar fanatic and has extensive knowledge of FFT analysis.  He enjoys mixing sound in small venues and plays his acoustic guitars at every opportunity.


Bill Beatty
Rebeat Consulting, Consultant, Music Industry